Russell helped UNICEF, UNFPA, and the World Health Organization create videos for awareness campaigns for multiple platforms and in many languages. .


Using animation and live action, videos tackled an array of difficult subjects, including AIDS awareness, overpopulation, and sexual violence.


Creative development balanced message, appeal, and the competing needs of many stakeholders.



Young, Strong, and Denied
A series of videos to showcase the challenges of sexual education in Asia. Created for UNICEF.
Loud and Clear
An AIDS awareness series created for UNICEF produced in five languages.
Breaking the Silence
One of many videos created for the UNFPA's Unite for Children AIDS awareness campaign.
Children's Rights in Action
Created for UNICEF Belize on the 25th anniversary of the Committee for the Rights of the Child.
Illness is Injustice
Developed for a joint presentation by the UN and the WHO, this video highlights progress and issues surrounding immunization.
Children's Rights in Action
A campaign for UNFPA, created as part of the Unite Against AIDS campaign.
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